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The California Compost Coalition (CCC) is a registered Lobbying Coalition with the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), created in 2002 by a group of compost operators in response to demands for increased recycling of organic materials and production of clean compost.

The California Compost Coalition represents member organic material recyclers and compost operators with a unified statewide voice on many issues: product safety and standards, government regulations, environmental planning, trade, and marketing.

The CCC works closely with state and national organizations, such as the California Department of Resources Recovery and Recycling (CalRecycle), the California Air Resources Board, the California Water Resources Control Board, The California Department of Food and Agriculture, the California Resource Recovery Association, and the US Composting Council, to promote and encourage recycling of organic materials. Additionally, CCC coordinates with other state composting organizations, including as a Board Member with the California Organics Recycling Council.

California Composting Coalition Vision


California’s organic recyclers and compost operators have created a sustainable, scalable industry model for the state, the nation and the world to demonstrate that putting clean, recycled, composted organic materials back into the ground is the most predictable, cost efficient, productive, and eco-friendly use of a natural resource. Our vision is to increase awareness and preference for composting, to accurately represent our members’ interests, and to always preserve and conserve all of our natural resources.

Through our actions, we will increase the recycling of organic materials and further the use of clean compost as a way to: complete the Organics Recycling Loop, reduce organics in landfills, reduce GHG emissions, reduce the use of petro-based chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides) in agriculture and landscaping, reduce water consumption, and create “green” jobs in California.

We will implement our Vision by assembling permitted organic recyclers and compost operators into a direct lobbying organization that represents them with a unified, statewide voice on issues of importance: product and safety standards, government regulations, environmental planning, trade and marketing development. We will promote composting, wood sorting and grinding, and other methods of producing value-added services and recycled products that are long-term, earth friendly solutions generating the greatest good versus conventional, outmoded and competing waste handling alternatives. We will develop markets to increase sales of clean compost, mulch and wood products. And, we will foster cooperation among public and private organizations involved in sustainable organics recycling.


Click here for a downloadable PDF of our Work Plan of issues we are addressing

Click here for a downloadable PDF of our Organics Legislation and Timeline Graph


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Organizational Guidelines and Form

The California Compost Coalition (CCC) is solely a registered Lobbying Coalition administered under the State of California Fair Political Practices Commission’s (FPPC) regulations. CCC registers biannually and files quarterly reports with the FPPC, reporting on activities, funds received per contributor, and lobbying-related expenses paid; such reports are public information and are posted on the California Secretary of State’s website. CCC currently authorizes Edgar & Associates as its Lobbying Firm, but may use alternative or additional representation should it become necessary to properly address issues of concern to its members.


CCC maintains an Executive Committee which makes all functional and policy decisions for the coalition. The Executive Committee currently consists of the following composters:

Bill Camarillo, Agromin

Greg Kelley, Northern Recycling Compost

Garen Kazanjian, Recology

Amy Dietz, Recology

Christy Pestoni, UVR Compost

Michael Gross, Z-Best Compost

Vince Colvis, Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery

John McNamara, CR&R Environmental Services

All executive decisions will be approved by a clear majority of the Executive Committee, generally following discussion with lobbying staff and/or other coalition members. Neil Edgar currently serves as Executive Director of the CCC. The Executive Committee holds regularly-scheduled meetings or teleconferences to address CCC management or policy needs and maintain continuity.

Membership and Participation

CCC welcomes additional support from interested parties willing to adhere to its guidelines (herein described) and intends to act in the best interests of the composting industry, which may or may not always benefit each individual member. General membership meetings/teleconferences, and regular communication will be provided to keep members informed of CCC policy decisions and activities.

The CCC will develop and maintain a Work Plan which is made available to members and other industry stakeholders. Prospective members may contribute on an issue-specific basis. For instance, should particular legislation or regulatory activity develop impacting composting industry members, industry-wide support may be required for the issue to be effectively addressed. The CCC could act as that vehicle through which funding could be properly channeled.

As a Lobbying Coalition, all contributions are tracked and contributors reported under FPPC guidelines. However, reporting does not include tracking by individual issue. All new members and contributions will be accepted with Executive Committee approval. Only individuals authorized by the Executive Committee may speak on behalf of the California Compost Coalition.

Contact us at [email protected] to inquire about membership.

Or call Neil Edgar, Executive Director at (916) 739-1200.

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Executive Committee and Staff

Executive Committee

Bill Camarillo, Agromin
Greg Kelley, Northern Recycling Compost

Garen Kazanjian, Recology
Amy Dietz, Recology
Christy Pestoni, Upper Valley Recycling
Michael Gross, Z-Best Compost

Vince Colvis, Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery

John McNamara, CR&R Environmental Services

CCC Team

Neil Edgar, Executive Director
Evan Edgar, Regulatory Affairs
Rick Moore, Peer Review Engineer
Monica White, Sustainability Advisor
Sean Edgar, Fleet Advisor

Legislative Affairs

Kayla Robinson, Environmental & Energy Consulting

Neil Edgar, Edgar & Associates Inc.

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