California’s organic recyclers and compost operators have created a sustainable, scalable industry model for the state, the nation and the world to demonstrate that putting clean, recycled, composted organic materials back into the ground is the most predictable, cost efficient, productive, and eco-friendly use of a natural resource. Our vision is to increase awareness and preference for composting, to accurately represent our members’ interests, and to always preserve and conserve all of our natural resources.

iStock_000005802875XSmallThrough our actions, we will increase the recycling of organic materials and further the use of clean compost as a way to: complete the Organics Recycling Loop, reduce organics in landfills, reduce GHG emissions, reduce the use of petro-based chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides) in agriculture and landscaping, reduce water consumption, and create “green” jobs in California.

We will implement our Vision by assembling permitted organic recyclers and compost operators into a direct lobbying organization that represents them with a unified, statewide voice on issues of importance: product and safety standards, government regulations, environmental planning, trade and marketing development. We will promote composting, wood sorting and grinding, and other methods of producing value-added services and recycled products that are long-term, earth friendly solutions generating the greatest good versus conventional, outmoded and competing waste handling alternatives. We will develop markets to increase sales of clean compost, mulch and wood products. And, we will foster cooperation among public and private organizations involved in sustainable organics recycling.